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How Liquid Applied Roofing Systems Stands Up to Toronto's Weather Conditions

When choosing the right roofing material, most property owners and/or managers work with a roofing company in Toronto to find a product and installation that offers the most benefits for the longest period of time. Liquid Applied Systems is a popular choice for commercial properties from warehouses and factories to restaurants and retail stores in the Greater Toronto Area because of its ability to bring longevity to properties of all types. At King Koating Roofing, we’ve been providing high-quality roofing solutions for 30 years, including Liquid Applied Systems. 

To learn more about why our customers choose Liquid Applied Systems, read on.

What is a Liquid Applied Membrane?

A liquid applied membrane (LAM) is a boned coating system that is used for roofing and other waterproofing applications. Applied as a liquid, the coating cures to form a non-porous and durable elastomeric membrane that is waterproof. At King Koating, we can apply liquid applied membrane systems on a range of building and  roofing materials including built-up bitumen, asphalt, and concrete, for an effective foundation, basement, and roof waterproofing in Toronto. 

The Weather and Your Waterproofing

In Toronto and throughout Ontario, we experience four seasons, all of which bring a series of different weather conditions. Depending on the weather your property can be impacted in different ways, so it’s important that you work with a roofing company in Toronto that understands the various needs of your property. 

Snow and Rain

The most challenging weather conditions for roofs and other important building features are precipitation is snow and rain. In Toronto, you can expect heavy levels of precipitation, and modern research shows that the wet weather is only expected to become more persistent all year long. If there are vulnerabilities in your roof, rain and melting snow can leak into your building compromising other essential components, resulting in a weaker roof and a reduction in structural integrity. 

By investing in liquid applied membrane systems for roof waterproofing in Toronto, you can prevent water intrusion more effectively. The non-porous coating covers all potential openings or holes to mitigate leaks and moisture. 

Wind and Heavy Gusts

When the weather gets windy in the Greater Toronto Area, you must consider how flying debris affects your building. It’s not unusual for tornadoes or heavy thunderstorms to occur during the spring and summer. The seamless application and continuous coating adheres well to most materials minimizing uplift and damage to the liquid applied membrane. The slight flexibility in the material also allows for movement in strong winds without resulting in breakage that requires emergency roof repair for your commercial property.

Heat and UV Exposure

When the sun beats down on the roof continually it can start to break down roofing materials. The power of the sun is undeniable, but many high-quality liquid applied systems for the roof are designed with UV protection at the forefront, some containing reflective qualities to minimize heat absorption. These features allow your LAM to withstand hot temperatures, allowing it to be a long term solution for roof waterproofing in Toronto. 

Upgrade Your Roof Waterproofing in Toronto with King Koating

Liquid applied membranes are a reliable and durable solution. Most cure in as little as four hours and last a minimum of 10 years, protecting your property for over a decade. To learn more about how the experts at King Koating can help you with your roof maintenance, replacement, and enhancements, contact our team directly. With over 30 years in the commercial roofing industry, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to serve your unique needs.

Contact Us Today.

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