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    Roof maintenance and repairs are necessary to prolong the life of your assets. Our dedicated maintenance professionals at King Koating Roofing Inc. specialize in value-based inspections and corrective procedures. Our maintenance team predicts future damage, assesses deterioration, and developed remedial repair solutions to extend the life of your roof and contribute to overall performance. Our diversified experience has lead King Koating Inc. to develop our comprehensive Roof Management Program (RMP). The combination of annual maintenance inspections and comprehensive reports allows our clients to successfully monitor and maintain their roof systems.

    The main objective of our Roof Management Program (RMP) is to assist in monitoring roof conditions while providing a list of proposals complete with budgets for critical and preventative maintenance. Critical items are items that require immediate attention to stop or prevent leaks in the near future. Preventative Maintenance items do not pose an immediate leak risk; however, they can develop into a critical item if left unattended for an extended period. Preventative Maintenance should be addressed to maximize the life expectancy of the roof. Our Roof Management Program (RMP) provides our clients with a comprehensive roof condition evaluation that allows them to make informed decisions to protect their assets. 

    Our dedicated maintenance professionals at King Koating Roofing Inc. have the expertise to assess your roof periodically to maximize cost savings. By taking all the factors involved with our clients' buildings into consideration, we develop the best approach for our roof repair projects to yield longer-lasting roofs. Our maintenance teams are committed to using the best possible maintenance strategies based on our client's needs.

Maintenance & Relationships

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