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    King Koating Roofing Inc. has a dedicated team of roof technicians always prepared for emergency response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When disaster strikes due to extreme weather, sudden leaks, or other issues, it is imperative to have your roof repaired before your building is compromised. In the event of an emergency leak, King Koating Inc. can dispatch an emergency service crew immediately. Our fleet of service vehicles is fully equipped for every contingency to protect your building and assets. 

    Our expert teams will identify and assess the cause of the leak and execute immediate repairs efficiently and effectively. Emergency service calls are followed up with photo documentation and a report identifying repairs completed, the recurring issues, possible points of failure, and additional recommendations. 

    Emergency leak calls are a top priority. For immediate response to a roof leak, contact our emergency call center: 

Phone: (905) 669-1771 


Emergency Response

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