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Commercial Flat Roofing in Toronto

Commercial Roofing Toronto

About King Koating Roofing

At King Koating, we take a customized approach to constructing and repairing commercial roofing.  We make it our top priority to treat each customer as an individual and work to create solutions based on your specific needs.  Our experienced team of contractors continuously updates their skills and training to serve you with superior craftsmanship and construction solutions.

Unlike many other companies, we are not a residential roofing company that occasionally takes on a commercial project, we are specialists in industrial roofing and pride ourselves on offering the ultimate selection of options to meet all your commercial roofing needs with these services:

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Commercial Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are most commonly used on large, commercial buildings due to their biggest advantage: cost. The larger the building, the more cost savings this can mean since roofing is typically billed based on square footage. Other advantages include:

Extra Exterior Space

A flat surface instead of a pitched roof, affords your building hundreds of extra square feet for a variety of uses including: solar panels, air conditioning units, rooftop gardens, a pool or even additional living space are possible.

Easier Access

Unlike a pitched roof, a flat roof is considerably easier and safer to access. This makes cleaning gutters, installing solar panels, and other maintenance considerably simpler.

Versatile Interior Space

Without the sloped walls associated with a pitched roof, a top floor in a large apartment building is more attractive and easier to rent out.


Cost per square foot, installation and follow-up maintenance are all considerably lower than other roofing styles.

Other Considerations for Flat Roofing

The primary issue to consider with a flat roof is drainage issues. While flat roofs do drain water off, they are not as efficient at doing so as pitched styles. This buildup of water tends to break down roofing materials faster leading to more repairs.

Despite this, flat roofs still tend to be far more economical and offer more advantages than pitched roofs, especially for large building types. Even if repairs are needed more frequently, the labor and material costs are far cheaper than most roofs, adding to their advantages.

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Flat Roof Repair

Even the best flat roofing materials, laid by the most experienced roofers will still require repair and maintenance at some point. Due to the very nature of a flat roof, regular repair and maintenance are a normal part of ownership. However, with King Koating’s careful attention to detail and quality workmanship we help to minimize the needs for repair to save you money and time. Our flat roof repair advantages include:

  • Professional workmanship by trained contractors
  • Customized materials to match your needs and budget
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Reliable communication and work schedule
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Metal Roofing Installation and Repair

Metal is one of the oldest and most commonly used materials for roofing, and there’s good reason for that. Advantages of Metal Roofing: The durability and longevity of metal is the biggest advantage of this roofing type. Once your roof is installed by our expert team, you will have a sturdy, reliable roof for many years to come with little maintenance or repair needs.

Premium Materials and Coatings

Superior, corrugated steel makes up most our metal roofing installations, but we also offer tin, stainless steel, aluminum and copper depending on your preference and budget.

Metal Roof Protection

We combat UV rays, rust and water damage with metal coatings, including galvanized zinc and galvalume (aluminum and zinc). By applying metal coatings, we protect the more expensive and labor-intensive material underneath. There are different strengths of coatings and reapplication times will vary depending on a variety of environmental factors.

Benefits of Metal Coatings

Along with keeping your roof protected, metal coatings also offer energy-savings help. By blocking UV rays, the coatings cut down on your electricity use during hot months, saving you a significant amount on your monthly bills. You could also be eligible for a government sponsored rebate when you apply a coating.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Another option for roof protection, elastomeric coatings excel at keeping your roof flexible even in low temperatures which are common in the Greater Toronto Area. Made of rubber, these white coatings do an excellent job of helping your building gain ENERGY STAR® or LEED Green Building Rating System® certification. This can mean a tax break and monthly savings on your energy bills.

Roofing Maintenance

Adds years to the life of your roof with regular maintenance from King Koating. Our comprehensive maintenance offerings include:

  • Regular inspections with risk management recommendations
  • Coating application and reapplication
  • Shingle Replacement
  • Creation of regular maintenance plan that could extend your warranty

Roof Management Program

To streamline and perfect our commercial roofing maintenance, we’ve constructed our Roof Management Program. With this program, you get annual inspections and complete reports to help maintain your roof system. This report helps you budget maintenance costs and gives you a clear idea of your roof’s conditions and when repairs may be needed.

Easy Report Access

Your individual roofing report is available online for easy access. When you sign up for the program, you’ll set up a login so you can view your reports at any time!

Single-Ply Roofing

Flexibility, easy installation, affordable pricing and strict manufacturing standards have led to a well-deserved increase in popularity for this non-asphalt roofing style. King Koating offers a range of single-ply options to meet your budget needs and to keep you from “over-roofing” your building with an unnecessary level of thickness.

Commercial Re-Roofing

When you need a new commercial roof, King Koating puts the same care and attention to detail into our re-roofing as we do our other services. We will assess your building type, current roof and other needs to make the best recommendations. If a long-lasting repair is possible we will discuss this with you and come to the best, most cost-effective solution.


Moisture is one of the most common causes of roof damage and minimizing its risk is doubly important because it can affect the interior and exterior of your building. At King Koating, we know the seriousness of protecting your roof and offer industry-leading products and methods to ensure your commercial building is given extra protection against the elements.

Areas We Service

King Koating Roofing is headquartered in Ontario and is proud to serve the Greater Toronto Area, including:

Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing Contractors, Toronto

When you need roofing services for your commercial building, you need experts who understand the specific issues your property has. At King Koating, we take this expertise to heart with everything we do and strive to give the absolute best options for all your roofing needs. Our advantages include:

  • We Use the latest products, techniques and innovations for commercial roofing
  • Each of our contractors undergoes frequent training to upgrade their skills and stay up on the best methods for flat roof construction and repair.
  • King Koating specializes in commercial roofing and flat roofing so your property gets service specifically geared towards industrial construction.
  • Our commitment to customized commercial roofing solutions ensures you get a roof that fits your building, your needs and your budget with optimal results.
  • 24/7 emergency services are available so you never have to lose business or sleaep due to a leaking or damaged roof.

Another cornerstone of our business is providing personalized service from friendly, knowledgeable contractors. To experience the King Koating Roofing difference for yourself, call us at +1(905) 669-1771 for 24/7 emergency service or fill out our contact form here to request a free quote!

24/7 Emergency Roof Repair

When disaster strikes due to extreme weather, sudden leaks or other issues, it’s imperative to have your roof repaired before the interior of your building is compromised. If you find yourself standing under a leaking roof, you need a company that can solve the issue as quickly as possible while taking your budget and schedule into account.

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